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You can’t steal what you can’t see.

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Is the fog safe to use in any environment and will it leave a residue?

For 30 years, Bandit has operated without any health, residue, or contamination claims. One millilitre of fog fluid produces 1,000 litres of fog, ensuring its safety and adherence to European Indoor Air Quality Regulations. This harmless, breathable fog is generated by advanced technology, converting 28 millilitres of fluid into 28,000 litres of dense fog per second, limiting visibility to 30 cm. In various applications, from protecting electronics and antiques to high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermes, the Fog Bandit has proven its efficacy without causing harm.

Can a FOG BANDIT protect rooms over 504 cubic metres in size?

When handling large areas over 504 cubic metres, there’s no need to worry. Our BANDIT units can be easily linked together to work in perfect harmony, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

I already have an intruder alarm system – why do I need a FOG BANDIT?

Most burglaries finish within minutes, outpacing police response times. In this initial “window of opportunity,” intruders act unhindered. The BANDIT fogging system instantly emits a dense fog upon detection, hindering vision and theft: “Unseen remains unstolen!”

Is FOG BANDIT an approved product?

Yes, BANDIT possesses the CE approval and is certified to fully comply with the European Standard EN50131-8. This standard has replaced the previous British Standard BS7939:1999. In addition, the product has also received approvals and registration for use by the government bodies of Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. Moreover, the Materials Safety Data Sheets are available for reference.

How does the FOG BANDIT security fogging system work?

When the BANDIT system is activated, a special liquid is heated and ejected under high pressure, instantly vaporizing into a dense “fog” that quickly expands to fill the protected area.

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